April 21, 2024

I Recently Got ACL Surgery In Singapore And Here’s How It Went


No one likes getting sick since experiencing a health concern can be troublesome, scary, and costly. However, encountering a medical condition is inevitable. We cannot avoid these ailments since our bodies are not perfect and immune to every disease or fracture that may trouble our bodily functions or appearance. But can you believe I only realised this after having a torn ACL that required surgery in Singapore?

The story behind my ACL injury that required surgery is quite entertaining—at least for me. A few weeks ago, a group of friends and I played basketball. Since I am not an athletic person and I rarely work out, I quickly realised that running foolishly around a basketball court may be a bad idea.

During a specific moment in our game, I turned to my side to block my friend from getting the ball. But after pivoting, I experienced a sharp pain in my knee that caused me to scream and fall to the ground. My friends rushed me to the nearest medical facility, where I met my orthopaedic doctor.


Getting Diagnosed

My friends brought me to the Specialist Orthopaedic Centre. It is a clinic that treats individuals with strained muscles, torn joints or ligaments, or fractured bones. Moreover, every foot and ankle specialist in this Singapore medical facility rehabilitates patients to help them regain movement, strength, and stability.

Frankly, I do not remember much after arriving at the clinic. At the time, I felt scared and confused about what happened to me and what could happen to me during my visit to a facility that treats conditions like an ankle fracture in Singapore. Fortunately, I had my friends with me, and the clinic staff were doing their best to keep me calm.

During my stay at the Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, I underwent various tests to learn about my condition. I also consulted with their orthopaedic doctor, who told me about my ACL injury that requires surgery. Before agreeing to undergo an operation, I asked about my other treatment options since I did not want to get surgery to fix my knee. But as it turns out, this invasive procedure is my only hope for walking and moving correctly again.


Before And After The Surgery

Even though I hesitated to undergo ACL surgery, I obliged and agreed to the procedure. My doctor told me that my knee ligament got torn from suddenly turning my foot while playing basketball. He said that while I could still walk with my torn ACL, he advised me to get surgery to prevent further issues. He also said that moving with my torn ligament can be painful and affect my daily activities.

Thanks to my orthopaedic doctor in Singapore and his clear explanation about ACL injuries and the benefits of undergoing surgery, I am healing from my silly basketball accident. I am still receiving physical therapy to regain stability and improve my knee’s range of motion, but I owe my healing to my specialist and his commendable skills.

If you are troubled with any muscle, joint, or bone concerns, my orthopaedic doctor at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre can help you heal and recover. Visit their website to learn more about their orthopaedic facility.