June 14, 2024

4 Ways To Achieve A Healthy Eating & Diet With Chinese Medicine

Diet plays a beneficial part in a healthy lifestyle. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are must-follow eating practises that one should follow to attain optimal health conditions.

Almost every TCM clinic in Singapore will advise you to be mindful of your diet. By configuring your diet by following Chinese medicine, you can experience significant improvement in your health and day-to-day lifestyle.

If you are looking for an ideal nutritious diet to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle, then read to find out these four helpful Chinese medicine diet tips:

Drinking a cooling herbal tea after a meal.

If you’re looking for an ideal diet that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore, drinking herbal tea or Leung cha can add more health benefits. Many people make mistakes by not drinking herbal tea after every meal. Drinking herbal tea allows your stomach muscles to relax and can help prevent illness by eliminating dampness and heat in your body.

Include protein-rich food in your everyday meal

According to most TCM experts, protein is one of the final ingredients for a healthy TCM diet. Protein takes a while to get processed within your digestion and helps absorb dampness and make your blood glucose more balanced. Foods like beans, eggs, and other organic meat are a great source of protein.

Never skip breakfast

Every clinic that offers TCM in Singapore would give simple, sound advice about not skipping your breakfast meal. So, why is it such a big deal? Your early meal matters a lot, and if you eat something during early hours allows your body to repair itself. Skipping meals can also be bad for your Spleen Qi, which may lead to deficiencies.

Learn how to detoxify your body

The accumulation of chemicals and toxins within your body is harmful to your health. Chinese medicine emphasises the need to detoxify your body through sweating, elimination, heat-clearing and induced vomiting.

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