May 24, 2024

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

How long does CBD take to kick in? This is a question that depends on far too many variables to have one single answer. However, learning about what those variables are will certainly give you an idea of how long you need to wait to feel the effects. Then again, what are those effects that you’re impatiently waiting on? Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD health products (, say that these health products are pretty diverse and are taken for many reasons.

One of the reasons given for CBD’s roaring success in recent years is that it has been shown to be potential treatment for all manner of conditions. People take CBD to help ease anxiety and depression, to help deal with chronic pain, and to help with sleep problems. That means you could be waiting on the CBD calming you, easing your pain, or putting you to sleep. That’s three entirely different things.

And CBD isn’t only for those with health conditions. Many people use it as a healthy supplement to everyday living. This is why there is CBD and hemp oil which you can cook with, CBD gummies to snack on, and CBD vapes for those who enjoy – or used to enjoy – smoking. This raises another point regarding how long it takes to kick in – it depends very much on how you consume it.

Factors Affecting CBD Onset

With this in mind, the best way to answer this is question is to tackle all the different factors individually and explain and how they affect onset time. Let’s look at a few in turn.

Method of Intake

This is by far the biggest factor in determining how long CBD will take to kick in. There are several methods of taking CBD, and they will affect onset time accordingly:


When you consume CBD oil with food or when you infuse your coffee with CBD, you are sending the substance through your digestive system. This means the CBD will have to be digested first, which filters out much of the substance and slows down the onset time. Another effect that this has is that the potency of the amount ingested will be reduced.


This is when you drop CBD underneath your tongue and send it straight into the bloodstream via the capillaries located there. This will cause more of the substance to hit you faster. This method is best for medical applications and dealing with serious conditions.


When you vape or smoke CBD, you send it through your lungs. This is also a direct route to the bloodstream and so the onset will be rapid.

Dosage and Potency

Another factor that affects the onset time of CBD is the amount of it you take and the potency of what you take. This breaks down accordingly:

High Dosage

High dosages of CBD will not just affect you more strongly, but faster too. This is because your metabolism responds to what is being digested or otherwise consumed. High doses and potency kick in faster.

Low Dosage

Low dosages hit you slower because the effects are less perceptible at lower doses and your metabolism runs slower when consuming them.

There are also other things that affect CBD onset time. These factors are all related to your personal biology and are therefore too numerous, and specific to you, to list here. Nevertheless, with medical advice you can also determine how your own constitution will affect the onset time of your CBD.

These are the broad factors that affect CBD onset time. For a truly accurate answer to this question though, there’s no substitute for bespoke medical advice.