July 25, 2024

4 Tips For Preparing For Hand Recovery After A Hand Surgery

So you’ve done your part. You consulted a doctor for hand sprain or arthritis or opted for trigger finger treatment in Singapore. Regardless of a hand injury, your hand issues result in a surgical or a follow-up appointment, and the next step after the treatment is recovery.

Of course, symptoms may or may not fade after the procedure. But you can ensure relief over time, even if it’s gradual. Your hands will return to their normality after the surgery or intensive treatment. Many seek assurance that they are on the right path to recovery. You might feel anxious about getting hand surgery regardless of the condition or injury. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for hand surgery recovery:

Avoid Neglecting Physical Therapy

Physical therapy exercises play a crucial role in speeding up your recovery, especially after suffering from a hand injury or surgery. Whether you have hand arthritis or a fracture, a therapist will provide you with a set of recommended exercises you need to work on. It will help restore your hand’s flexibility, and strength and improve its movement during recovery. Returning your hand to your normal function without following therapy exercises can risk re-injuring your hand.

Maintain Your Hands Elevated Comfortably

Raising your arm and hand above your heart level can help mitigate the risk of swelling and reduce pain after getting surgery. It’s also not surprising to see why many use this method to treat hand injuries, especially in the first few days. When preparing, have your home organised well with places for your arm and hand to rest and elevate comfortably. Even if you suffer from finger or distal radius fractures, keep your arm elevated for faster healing after surgery.

Keep Your Dressings Dry

After the surgery, the surgeon or doctor will recommend you use bandages and dressings along the way with instructions to use them. Your dressings will protect incisions against bacteria contamination and infection while wound surgery heals. You can use plastic bags as an alternative when you take a bath to protect your wounds from getting wet. You can stop using dressings once your doctor has given you a sign. 

Always Listen to Your Body

After having hand surgery in Singapore, it’s normal to experience pain and discomfort. A doctor will give you drug prescriptions to ease the painful symptoms. Nevertheless, you should not ignore it when you know that you are in severe pain and that medications aren’t working as you expect them to. In this type of situation, it is best to see a doctor soon.

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