July 25, 2024

Shoulder Injuries and Conditions You Should Know

Ever encountered a shoulder slap tear or a hairline fracture in your bones? Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a regular person that stays active, the musculoskeletal system is one that you rely on for your daily life. Your bones and muscles endure some of the greatest stresses that our body goes through, and does it over the course of an entire lifetime. We owe a lot to this amazing system.

Unfortunately, they’re not exactly invulnerable, so we sometimes need to see an orthopaedist who can help us with our injuries and issues. An orthopaedist is someone who treats musculoskeletal conditions, and they are important to many athletes for this reason. 

One part of your body that frequently needs to be treated is the shoulder. Ever had frozen shoulder in Singapore? Or a dislocated shoulder? Your shoulders are made up of many complicated bones and muscles that can be susceptible to damage and other things. 

Shoulder injuries and conditions to know about

What are some common shoulder injuries that athletes and other people may encounter? Here are a few examples.

1. Shoulder labral tear.

The shoulder labrum is a tissue that is attached to the shoulder socket and keeps the ball of the shoulder joint in place. A shoulder labral tear in Singapore doesn’t always need surgery– in some cases, physical therapy is enough. One should never take this lightly and seek shoulder pain treatment springfield mo immediately. 

2. Frozen shoulder.

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder refers to stiffness and pain in the shoulder region. Over time, your shoulder may become hard to move.

3. Shoulder rotator cuff tear.

A rotator cuff tear is a term for a rip that occurs in the group of muscles that surround your shoulder joint. 

Here at Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Centre, we treat a variety of orthopaedic issues that athletes and other people may encounter. Contact us to know more about shoulder labral tear and other issues in Singapore.