July 25, 2024


The best CBD capsules are made with the same high-quality extract that we use in our other products, and they’re ideal for pets that prefer to take them instead of a treat, chew, or treat. This is because some prefer the pill form over the traditional method of using CBD oil. The most popular type of CBD oil is the Full Spectrum, which allows for precise dosing. However, CBD capsules are great for dogs that don’t like the taste of the oils but need more concentration. 

The full-spectrum CBD capsules are made from hempseed oil, which is a superior alternative to coconut oil. Because of this, they are able to contain higher levels of essential amino acids and fatty acids, which are ideal for dogs. All of the CBD dog capsules come with the same premium hemp extract, which means that they are able to provide the same effective results. For some pets, it is a very good idea to keep the capsules in cheese or other food, as they can be consumed in one bite.

How can CBD capsules help your dog?

The main difference between our products and other brands is that they target the endocannabinoid system, which is a part of the body that animals are all familiar with. This system is similar to other similar systems such as the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory. The endocannabinoid system has a different effect on the body’s homeostasis and functions. The activation of the endocannabinoid system can help improve the efficiency of the body by allowing it to communicate with other systems. 

This is why a lot of people are switching to using CBD products for their pets. For pet owners who use CBD products, it is important to start with around 1 to 2 milligrams per 10 pounds of weight. For capsules, this is easy, as they come in a steady 10mg of CBD. However, if you are using a different brand, such as CBD hemp oil, the label may indicate that the total amount of CBD is included in the bottle.

Can CBD capsules get your dog high?

Although cannabidiol can be used to treat various conditions, such as anxiety, it cannot be considered a safe and effective drug for dogs. The main psychoactive substance in CBD dog capsules is THC, which creates a high. Although CBD cannot intoxicate your pet, it can help lower their mood by acting as a calming agent. Some products contain traces of THC, which helps strengthen the effects of CBD without producing a high. These are referred to as full-spectrum products, and one of them is CBD oil.