May 24, 2024

Signs You Need to Go to an Ophthalmologist

It’s important to see your eye doctor in Bloomington IN yearly to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that your vision remains sharp. Those with certain medical conditions may need more frequent eye exams, such as diabetes or glaucoma. Some people may need to visit their ophthalmologist earlier than expected because of certain symptoms they experience as well.

Here are the signs to watch out for, indicating you’ll need to see your eye doctor right away.

  1. Problems focusing or sudden blurry vision

If you have trouble focusing, especially in one eye, it’s best to see your eye doctor to have your vision tested. Your prescription may have changed and you’ll need to find affordable glasses near me from places like Dr. Tavel.

You might also have presbyopia, which occurs when you reach your 40s. There may be other possibilities, so it’s best to rule them all out with a comprehensive eye exam.

  1. Sudden vision disturbances

If you notice any floaters, flashes of light, or vision obstructions, this warrants a trip to your eye doctor. If you can’t see your eye doctor, it’s best to go to the emergency room. A sudden onset of those eye disturbances can indicate a retinal tear, retinal hole, or retinal detachment. When you see your doctor within 24 hours, you can minimize the risk of vision loss.

  1. Eye pain, eye strain, or headaches

Infrequent eye strain, pain, or headaches aren’t cause for concern but if it’s recurring, then you must head to an eye doctor. It may be possible you have a change in vision or eye infection. When you have your eyes checked, the doctor can rule out the possibilities, identifying the underlying cause to get the treatment required.

  1. Sudden sensitivity to light

If you notice your eyes are becoming very sensitive to light, you must head to your eye doctor. Sudden sensitivities may indicate eye irritation. This is actually a precursor to eye disease.

While you’re still waiting for your eye doctor, make sure you stay gentle with your eyes by wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear.

  1. Red, itchy, or dry eyes

Red or dry eyes can indicate dry eye syndrome, which must be tested and treated. It may also be possible that your allergies are to blame, which is why it’s best to visit your eye doctor, who can recommend an antihistamine. It’s also possible to benefit from other eye drops.

Avoid rubbing your eyes to lessen the chance of infection.

  1. Eye pain or fatigue

Mild or infrequent eye pain is usually no reason to panic, but if the pain is intense or ongoing, it’s best to make an appointment with your eye doctor. Pain can indicate an eye infection or a warning sign for a serious health issue.

The same goes for eye fatigue, which usually happens when we spend too much time in front of the screen.

Wrapping It Up

Remember, you only have one pair of eyes and damage can be irreparable. See your eye doctor if you suffer from any one of those signs mentioned above!