July 25, 2024

Pediatric Dental Implants – Are They An Option For Younger Patients?

Children from infancy to adolescence are treated by pediatric dentistry. There are many dental options available for children, though when it comes to dental implants, specific parameters need to be given attention. 

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide patients with permanent solutions for missing teeth. They are artificially designed by generally using titanium. Children are still at a growing and developing age; therefore, many things need to be considered. 

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What are the various factors that should be considered while getting a dental implant for children?

  • Monitoring dental implants to see for any possible danger.

Long-term monitoring is needed if the implants are being curated for a child. A dentist can then keep track of any developing tissue and jaw growth. It is required and highly important as it can provide significant protection against any danger or harm to the implants. Dental implants need to be monitored closely by dentists to look for any changes that need to be made and accordingly make adjustments in the implant. 

  • Age considerations while making a dental implant for a child. 

Dental implants are generally not recommended for children under the age of 16-18 years; it is due to their still developing jaw. If you are considering getting dental implants for your child, consult your dentist and get to know about any potential problems prior to the treatment. It has been seen that girls develop jaws before boys. There is a particular age gap between them. 

  • Using imaging techniques to determine suitability 

Dental implant suitability for children can also be determined by using 3-D imaging techniques. It can also give dentists an idea about the right time for younger children to get dental implants. By this technique, dentists ensure accuracy and precision in the procedure. 

  • Using some temporary option over a dental implant.

Children can use removable dentures or some other temporary solution until they have reached the right age to get a dental implant. Temporary options can provide patients with functionality and durability. 

Get the dental implant at the right time by consulting a dentist!

A dentist can tell you the specific time for your children to get dental implants. They do so by assessing different things, such as what the cause behind the tooth loss was or looking for any other underlying condition that can affect dental implants, etc.