July 25, 2024

How To Prepare For Chinese Yoga For Beginners?


Eating healthily alone is not enough to take good care of one’s health. One must also keep the body active to help manage weight, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve the immune system. 

The best way to do all this is to participate in low-impact exercises such as Yoga. Practising yoga every day is good for your health. According to the National Institutes of Health, it is a workout that promotes wellness, from relieving stress to improving sleep quality. 

In that case, consider signing up for Chinese yoga classes for beginners. The list below will help you prepare for your upcoming yoga course. 

What To Wear

Like any event and activity, there is proper attire for yoga. Wearing the right ones can help you feel more comfortable as you try different poses during your Chinese yoga classes. To help you get ready them on hand, here’s what you need to have:


Yoga is traditionally practised barefoot. People only wear footwear when they are injured or suffering from a medical condition.

If you feel uncomfortable barefoot, you can wear yoga socks. Unlike regular ones, these socks have rubber dots that provide anti-slip grips.


While there are pants made for yoga, you do not have to grab one from the store for your first day of the yoga course in Singapore. Any exercise pants or shorts will do as long as these have stretchable and breathable fabric. 


Even though there is nothing wrong with wearing loose-fitting workout shirts, this kind of top often slides down when doing bent-down yoga poses, making the fabric slap your face and interrupt your concentration. 

What To Bring 

Besides carrying the yoga attire mentioned above, there are other more things you need to bring before meeting your yoga instructor and attending the beginner course in Singapore

Water Bottle

You will need this to keep yourself hydrated and have the energy to do yoga poses.

Yoga Mat

Most yoga studios provide yoga mats for their students, but you never know if they are clean. Bringing your yoga mat is better than taking your chances with the yoga studio’s yoga mat. 


Yoga might seem like an exercise that does not make anyone sweaty, but doing various poses and staying in particular poses can make you sweat. Consider bringing two or more towels with you to wipe your sweat. 

Changes Of Clothes

Although you can go home while wearing the yoga attire you have during your Chinese yoga classes for beginners, it might not be appropriate due to the sweats. You might want to wear new sets of clothes to look more presentable when you go home after your yoga course. 


After hours of doing yoga, you might find yourself feeling hungry. Instead of ordering takeout or grabbing a meal from a fast food restaurant, you can eat the snacks that you cooked at home. Doing so can help appease your hunger and prevent you from eating for more. 


Knowing these pieces of information will help you come prepared and get the most out of your yoga classes. If you have not signed up anywhere yet, contact Yoga Mandala and get to know the yoga instructor course in Singapore that teaches in their studio.