May 24, 2024

COVID-19: What is Herd Immunity, and how does it work?

COVID-19 vaccination programs are rolled out worldwide to increase people’s immunity against the disease. When vaccines are administered, they stimulate the body’s immune system to generate disease-fighting proteins known as antibodies. Once the person gains antibodies, they will have better protection against the virus. This can help reduce the likelihood of catching and spreading the disease, eventually helping in breaking transmission chains.

Nevertheless, getting complete doses of the COVID-19 vaccine does not imply that individuals cannot contract the disease anymore. They should not disregard caution and endanger themselves and other people.

Following pandemic mandates like physical distancing, proper disinfection, and other health protocols is still recommended. In addition, if the person will be travelling abroad, they need to present a fit to fly COVID test. This test is important in maintaining transparency regarding the person’s health status. By knowing whether they are positive or negative for the virus, people can determine their next steps and follow protocols to prevent transmitting the disease to someone else.

In Europe, about 81.4% of the adult population has already completed their vaccination series. The reason government bodies are bolstering immunization efforts is to achieve herd immunity or population immunity. This happens when an individual immunity’s effects are scaled to the population level.

When a sufficient number of people get vaccinated, other individuals, including those who have not or cannot receive vaccinations, may gain indirect protection from disease transmission. Since there will be fewer available to infect someone else, infectious diseases like COVID-19 may be less likely to spread to others.

If you still have questions about the matter, check this infographic from Official Rapid Tests that explains COVID-19 herd immunity and how it works.

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