April 21, 2024

When to Consult an Audiologist in Singapore

Our ears are among the most delicate organs in the human body. They are sensitive, as they are meant to capture every sound, soft or loud, to warn our system about our surroundings. For this reason, it is only imperative that we visit a hearing clinic in Singapore once in a while. 

Whether you suspect yourself to be developing a hearing impairment or you merely want to check your hearing capabilities as you age, consulting an audiologist in Singapore is vital. An audiologist does not only conduct hearing tests to assess one’s hearing abilities, but he also diagnoses hearing impairments, prescribes the best hearing aid when necessary, and orients people on how to deal with hearing loss. But when exactly should you pay a visit to a hearing clinic? When do you need to see your audiologist? Here are some instances:


Annual health screening often involves the assessment of your sensory organs. Thus, visiting a hearing clinic is a must during such sessions. Whether it be a company policy or a self-imposed health watch, it is good to see your audiologist once a year. It will help you address the changes in your hearing ability as you age.

Typically, we do not realise that our hearing abilities deteriorate. It is only with an annual hearing test that you will be able to assess how good your hearing abilities are. In this case, you will need an audiologist to conduct the test for you.


You will also need to see your audiologist if you happen to be exposed to very loud noises. Typically, you will hear a beeping sound inside your ears after such circumstances. You need to consult your audiologist at once should this symptom occur.


Some people develop a hearing impairment all of a sudden. This may be caused by external factors such as loud noises or internal factors such as an illness. If you suddenly experienced hearing loss or hearing deficiency, it is time to visit a hearing clinic for the right diagnosis.


Tinnitus is a hearing impairment wherein you seem to hear a beeping sound or a clapping sound inside your ears that no one else can hear. While this is often caused by exposure to loud noises, some underlying conditions may also trigger it. It is good to visit an audiologist if you ever experience tinnitus.

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