May 24, 2024

What is astrology compatibility?

When you meet somebody for the first time, you instantly like some of them and do not take a liking to others. When you are happy and comfortable in one’s company, you are compatible with that person.

Astrological compatibility is a branch of astrology in which you study and compare natal charts of people to see how their relationship is or will be. To check your compatibility online,install any of the Best astrologer app. You will find experienced and certified astrologers who will analyse your horoscopes and tell how compatible you both are.

How is astrological compatibility checked?

Natal horoscopes of two individuals are analysed to study compatibility. A horoscope is a chart that depicts the positions of the planets and stars in the solar system when you are born. The angles of these planets determine if the celestial bodies share a positive or negative relationship. These planetary relationships influence your relationship with others.

Vedic astrology considers compatibility very important for successful marriages. The chart has 8 divisions called Kootas, and 36 aspects called Gunas. This system of matching is called Ashta Koota Milana.

An Astrologer believes marriages are not successful if the horoscopes have less than 18 aspects matching. A matching of 18-24 will give average compatibility, 25-32 will have excellent compatibility, and those with 33 and above will be extremely happy in their married life.

The eight categories considered for compatibility and what they represent are given below: 

Varna– The horoscope may have one of these 4 Varnas, Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, or Shudra. The groom should have at least one point higher than the bride for them to have good compatibility.

Vashya- It represents mutual control and power equations. This has five categories and divides people into humans, wild animals, small animals, waterborne animals, and insects. The compatibility score is a maximum of 2 points if both belong to the same category and have 0 points when they belong to the opposite. When they have a water animal and human combination, they score 1/2 point, and for the rest, it is 1 point.

Tara-It is the compatibility of the birth star. The bride’s star is counted from the groom’s star, and the number is divided by 9. The same is followed to get the groom’s score. The compatibility score is 3 if the remainders of both the bride and the groom are even, when both are odd, the score is 0, and if one of them is odd, the score is 1.5.

Yoni- It stands for sexual compatibility. It is divided into 14 categories and named after animals like lion, tiger, sheep, dog, cat, snake, mongoose, etc. If both the bride and the groom belong to the same category, the compatibility score is a maximum of 4 points. Friendly animals get 3, 2 points for neutral animals, for non-friendly groups, the score is 1, and zero points for enemy groups.

Rashyadipati- It represents Rashi compatibility. The lords of the zodiac houses are friends, enemies, or neutral. If the bride and the groom belong to friendly houses, the score is 5 points, 0 points if they belong to enemy houses, and 4 points for a friend and neutral combination.

Gana- It represents the temperament of the bride and the groom. The three categories are deva, manava, and rakshasa gana. Compatibility score is 8 points if both belong to the same gana, 1 point when one is deva and the other is rakshasa, and 0 points for a combination of manava and rakshasa gana.

Rashi- It is calculated on the moon’s position in the bride’s and groom’s horoscope and represents love. The compatibility is poor if the groom’s moon is 2 to 6 places from the bride’s, and if it is at the 7th or 12th position, it shows good compatibility. If the bride’s moon is in positions 2 to 7 from that of the groom, it is good, and if the position is 12, it indicates a bad match.

Nadi-This Koota represents the health of the bride and groom. The three nadis are Vata, Pitta, and Kafa. No points if the bride and the groom have the same nadis. If they belong to different nadis, 8 points are given.

In layman’s terms, people with the same thinking find comfort in each other’s company. But if you look at it astrologically, those whose birth charts are compatible are happy together, and those whose birth charts do not match are not. So, when you consider marriage or business with partners, it is advisable to check astrological compatibility. You cannot take a chance and risk your entire life with such important decisions.