April 21, 2024

Travel Tips for Invisalign to Keep Your Smile Healthy

To maintain your smile moving toward perfection nowadays, you should ensure that you bring your Invisalign Clear Aligners shadyside pa when you travel. You are familiar with how to wear and care for your aligners throughout a typical week at home. However, what special considerations should you make when using Invisalign while traveling? Do check out invisalign alternative in Fort Lauderdale.

Take a dental care kit with you on your trip.

To protect your oral health while traveling, be sure to include the following items:

  • Travel toothbrush: Bring several toothbrushes and keep them in accessible locations, so you can quickly brush your teeth after consuming food and beverages and changing your aligners.
  • Floss: Travelers must be able to do once-daily oral hygiene.
  • Mouthwash: Rinsing is a fantastic approach to removing any particles your toothbrush cannot remove.
  • Following aligners: There is a considerable possibility you will need to switch out your aligners if you are going on a multi-week trip.
  • Regarding Invisalign: When you go out to dine, make a note of your existing aligners, and you can also store your next set.

Maintain your routine 

While vacation is a terrific time to put your obligations on hold, your oral health should not be one of them. Continue to clean your teeth at least twice daily, and floss before going to bed.

When your Invisalign is taken out, you can drink and eat whatever you want, which is a significant advantage of Invisalign. Even if you are drinking all day on the beach, it can be simple to forget the required 22 hours of wear, so be careful to set a clock when consuming food and beverages to prevent falling far behind your progress.

Verify the safety of the tap water

Depending on where you are vacationing, you may need to be cautious about the water supply you are using to wash your teeth. If drinking water from the faucet is discouraged, you should not use it to rinse or brush your teeth either.

When in doubt, only rinse your toothbrush with bottled water. You must clean your teeth after every meal if you have Invisalign, so keep a bottle of bottled water on you.

Before your trip, let your dentist know.

It is a good idea to get a dentist appointment before your trip. While abroad, they may ensure your treatment regimen continues as planned.

You can avoid accidents and guarantee that your Invisalign treatment progress continues by taking the same care of your teeth while away as you would at home!