July 25, 2024

The process of getting lip fillers

Lip fillers or dermal fillers generally include injecting bio-compatible synthetic chemicals into specific tissues of your lips, making them attractive for a temporary period. There are many dermal fillers – hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen, both natural compounds. The complete procedure is done under a doctor’s supervision, and multiple injections are injected into your lips after applying numbing cream. The procedure generally takes 15-30 minutes and has no serious side effects. You can reach out to lip fillers at Clinicare for more information about lip fillers.

Here are the steps involved in getting lip fillers.

Find the best aesthetic practitioner

It must be the most important step if you are interested in lip filling. Any treatment on your skin or lips can go wrong, and you are surely aware of that. So finding the best and most experienced practitioner who can guide you well through the process and is trusted is always the priority.

Facial mapping

The practitioner will first analyze your face structure and examine your lip tissues. Many areas on your lips may not be suitable for injections. The professionals will ensure the complete procedure is safe on your lips.

Anesthesia and cleansing

The next step the professionals will take is to cleanse the areas of your skin where the procedure will take place and provide anesthetic treatment to numb the areas where the chemicals are to be injected so that you don’t feel any pain.


It is the most important step. The process of injecting the fillers usually takes 15-30 minutes and may take as long as an hour to finish. Only some tissues of your lips are usually injected with fillers and then massaged.

Cleaning and aftercare

After the process is done, your lips and the areas are cleaned. Some side effects may be like swelling and redness, and your lips may feel heavy and bruised for a week. So it is better to provide your lips with aftercare such as ice packs, ointments, and some preventive measures.


Dermal fillers can give the most attractive look to your lips, but trusted and experienced professionals should do them. Lip fillers are the safest way to enhance the appearance of your lips, but the process must be efficient and smooth to prevent any harmful side effects.