April 21, 2024

Knee Pain 101 – 4 Ways You Could Be Making Knee Pain Worse

People of all ages can suffer and experience knee pain. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, a senior adult or a teen joining a high school sports game, you can develop knee pain along the way. Experiencing knee pain can prevent you from enjoying your every day, which affects your quality of life. Hence, many opt to look for professional knee pain treatment in Singapore.

Osteoarthritis, cartilage damage and injuries are among the common causes of knee pain. However, there are other things you can do that could possibly make your knee pain worse than relieve you from its painful sensation. Without further ado, here are some of the ways you could be making your knee pain worse instead of improving it:

Frequent Participation In High-Impact Activities

Many patients who often look for knee pain in Singapore are the ones who often end up injured from participating in high-impact sporting activities, such as basketball. While it does not necessarily mean that you should abstain from playing high-impact sports, it’s vital to equip yourself with better equipment and follow precautions. Having an active lifestyle is a must for long-term wellness. On the other hand, you should also practise warm-ups to reduce the chance of ending with an injury.

You’re Overweight/Gaining More Weight

It’s not surprising to see this on the list. In fact, being overweight can increase your chance of experiencing knee pain more often than those who have a lesser weight. Excess weight can bring more stress of weight-bearing for joints on your knees, spine and hips. Thus the longer your joint bears the weight stress, the faster it can wear down. The result can be long-term and sometimes chronic debilitating knee pain. It makes it more difficult to enjoy and perform your daily activities.

Not Wearing Supportive Shoes

Do you know that wearing flat or high heels without any support can cause aggravation to your knee? Most knee pain treatment specialists will advise wearing cushioned shoe inserts or custom orthopaedic inserts to optimise the weight and relieve your knee from stress. Thus people who wear non-supportive shoes are likely to experience knee pain. If you are experiencing this problem, consider reducing the pressure off your knee with walking aid.

Extensive Period Of Sitting

Sitting for long hours can increase your chance of getting knee pain. It’s integral that you provide relief and exercise to your muscles since sitting and resting for long periods can weaken them, making your knee pain worse. Taking a break from resting by exercising, such as walking, running and performing aerobics, can help strengthen your knee joints and muscles.

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