June 14, 2024

How To Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture From A TCM Clinic?

Before traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) became available in Singapore, it had been a common practice for thousands of years in China, which spread out to neighbouring countries and the world. Since health is wealth, it is no surprise that many people, even today, rely on this medical practice. Even though medicine has advanced with time, many people still prefer the traditional method. When they are feeling pain or discomfort, getting an acupuncture session from a TCM clinic is their number one option, especially for the older generations. Acupuncture is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine techniques that involves using fine needles that prick the skin to treat various conditions. If you plan to get acupuncture soon, you should take note of the following so you can get the most out of your acupuncture sessions from a TCM clinic.

What Should You Do Before Getting An Acupuncture From A TCM Clinic?

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Besides keeping your body hydrated, drinking water can also help improve blood circulation and flush out toxins. As much as possible, try not to jug plenty of water at once.

2. Wear Appropriate Attire

You can maximise your acupuncture sessions done by a TCM expert if you wear appropriate attire. They will not have trouble pulling your skinny jeans up, so they can prick the skin around your legs or other areas.

3. Eat Something Light

If you attend your acupuncture session with an empty stomach, you can expect that you will feel dizzy and lightheaded afterwards. The only way to prevent it from happening is to eat something light. Guarantee to avoid eating greasy food since doing so will only get you an upset stomach.

4. Never Brush Your Tongue

Before the acupuncture session begins, a TCM specialist will assess your condition based on the colour of your tongue. If you brush your teeth first, their assessment may become inaccurate.

What Should You Do After You Get An Acupuncture From A TCM Clinic?

1. Drink Cold Beverages

Even though cold beverages are not that bad based on western medicines, it is not the same with TCM. Drinking cold beverages is part of the things to avoid after taking the confinement herbs list, especially after getting acupuncture six weeks after childbirth.

2. Have A Coffee Or Alcohol

Besides cold drinks, you should also avoid these caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. If you do so, you can expect these will mess up your body, making the acupuncture treatment less effective.

3. Get More Rest

Your body can relax more, and the acupuncture session will become more effective if you get enough rest. In that case, take a day off so you can sleep for long hours.


Be careful of what you do before and after getting acupuncture for fertility or various conditions or purposes. Otherwise, the efficacy of acupuncture will be effective as it should be. Therefore, be mindful of your actions and think more than twice before you do something. Contact Thomson Chinese Medicine at +65 6352 5800 or leave a message on their website if you want to learn about acupuncture and how it can improve fertility in Singapore.