June 14, 2024

How Proton Therapy Helped Me Become Cancer-Free

‘Life is short, so you should always seize the day’. This sentence has been my motto for as long as I can remember. If you want to do something, go for it. I did the same thing when I discovered I had stage 1 lung cancer four years ago. All I could think about at that time was that I wanted to live and explore the world more. After several sessions of proton therapy in Singapore, I have become cancer-free. 

Why I Decided To Get Treated

When I reached adulthood, many precious people in my life had gone to the other side. I knew that everyone and everything in the world would come to an end sooner or later, but I was not ready. 

Losing someone you loved is heartbreaking, and I do not want others to feel that in my 20s. At the very least, I want to live as long as possible, so grieving my death would not be that painful. 

After learning that I was sick, I stopped my vices. Based on my research, smoking and drinking alcohol will only lose the efficacy of lung cancer treatment in Singapore. It was hard at first, so I distracted myself by doing something else—reading books. 

Another thing that I did was file for 2-week sick leave. I told my boss that I have stage 1 lung cancer and need treatment to eliminate cancer cells and shrink the tumours soon. 

Cancer Treatment Centre In Singapore

Before getting treated, I decided to get a second opinion to verify whether or not I had stage 1 lung cancer. 

Unfortunately, the results of cancer screening tests are the same. This time, the cancer doctor in Singapore explained to me that stage 1 lung cancer is treatable since the cancer cells have not yet spread. 

I have spent my 2-week sick leave at a cancer treatment centre to receive proton therapy. It is a type of radiation therapy that uses protons to eradicate cancer tissue. 

·         Accommodating Staff

Since I did not want my family or friends to worry about me, I went alone throughout my lung cancer treatment. I was anxious at that time, but it was a good thing that the nursing staff were accommodating. They helped me overcome the side effects of proton therapy and ensured I was comfortable and resting well after each session. 

·         Great Facilities

Another thing that I love the most about this cancer treatment centre is that they have pleasing facilities. There were a lot of quiet and clean spots where I could read books. 

Do I Recommend Them?

Of course, I would. The cancer doctor from this facility in Singapore saved my life, so I hope it will be the same for you. The journey of lung cancer treatment is not easy, but never give up no matter what. 

Contact Dr Johann Tang – Radiation Oncologist in Singapore, at +65 6690 6811 or leave a message on his clinic’s website to book an appointment. Besides lung cancer, they are also a breast cancer doctor in Singapore.