May 24, 2024

Glass Skin – Can You Really Achieve It?

We are in the world and time when having glass skin is a measure of beauty. We all want to achieve that spotless skin, not to mention the inner glow. Fortunately, advancement in science and beauty continue to grow, which benefited people from all walks of life and of varying skin condition and texture. When you’ve thoroughly removed all of your makeup and sunscreen, cleanse your face with a mild, moisturizing face wash. Both Gentle Skin Cleanser and facial wipes are excellent for getting rid of unseen dirt and filth without drying out your face and ruining the appearance of glass skin.

Exfoliation is a big factor

If you decide to exfoliate using photosensitizing acids, you might wish to delay this procedure for the evening. Alpha and beta hydroxy acid-based face masks and peels are what help remove dead skin cells and give skin a glassy luster.  And always keep in mind to finish your morning skincare routine by applying sunscreen.

Apply layers on liquids

The goal of glass skin is to have extremely hydrated skin, thus today’s toners are made from ingredients that hydrate the skin unlike astringents of the past.  The goal is to thoroughly cleanse and clarify your skin using your double cleanse, then apply a toner, which acts as a hydrating agent to the skin. To truly get a head start on the moisture, follow your toner with an essence.

Do not skip hydrating serum

The dewiness, uniform tone, and smoothness of glass skin necessitate a plethora of diverse ingredient types. You don’t need to use three distinct serums to get the benefits of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C’s antioxidants for brightening and protection, and peptides to achieve a firmer and smoother skin texture. 

Apply a moisturizer and sunscreen to thoroughly protect the skin

Hydration and protection are undoubtedly the most significant components in the glass-skin routine, regardless of whether you decide to use a separate moisturizer and sunscreen or want to use sunscreen with hydrating formula. There are tons of options in the market.  For full glass skin effect, avoid moisturizers and sunscreens that advertise a mattifying effect and instead search for ones that advertise glowing skin.

What to keep in mind?

While achieving glass skin is very much possible considering the advancement in science, medicine, and technology, you have to know that such a thing does not happen overnight. It would take several sessions of professional skin care and, of course, religiously performing skin care routine. It would also be helpful if you are going to lead a healthy lifestyle because your skin is a reflection of what you eat and how you take good care of your hygiene. While you are in the process of achieving the glass skin that you desire, you can somehow use products like makeup with extra fine illuminating shimmer. Just make sure you use the hypoallergenic one, especially if you have a sensitive skin. That way, you will be able to protect your skin, especially the skin barrier.