May 24, 2024

Causes of Dry Skin and Tips to Treat It

When there is insufficient moisture in the skin, it dries out and becomes dry skin. Although it rarely causes major problems, it can be annoying. You should visit a doctor if you have extremely bad dry skin.There are numerous forms and reasons for dry skin, ranging from the ambient temperature to the humidity level.

Skin issues can be dangerous. Therefore, you need to treat it as soon as you notice dry skin sign and symptoms (โรค ผื่น ผิว แห้ง, term in Thai). At SM Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., you will find the best pharmaceutical products to treat skin-related issues. It is one of the top pharmaceutical firms in Thailand with a reputation for excellence in both quality and customer service. Their goal is to provide clients with the highest-quality pharmaceutical items so that people can live healthier lives while also running sustainable and reliable businesses.

Let us now understand the symptoms of dry skin and the remedies to treat it.

Symptoms of Dry Skin

Since your health, age, and various other factors can all affect your symptoms, dry skin can affect everyone differently. However, the possibility of having the below-mentioned points are high:

  • Bruised skin (the cracks could be deep and bleed)
  • Itching
  • Scaling, peeling or flaking
  • Redness
  • Rough, ashy, or otherwise unappealing skin
  • Tight skin, especially after being in the water

Causes of Dry Skin

  • Harsh soaps or detergents:

Soaps, detergents, and shampoos remove oil from your skin. Therefore, by removing all the moisture, it can dry everything out.

  • Hot baths and showers:

Having dry skin may be the result of taking long, hot baths or showers.

  • Skin-related disease:

Dry skin can also occur in people who have psoriasis or eczema.

  • Weather:

The temperature and relative humidity often fall in the winter. This might dry out your skin.

Who Can Develop Excessive Dry Skin Issues?

  • Sebum, an oil that maintains skin supple and youthful, is produced less by our skin as we age. Your body produces significantly less sebum by the time you reach your forties. Your skin produces less sebum as you become older (after age 40).
  • Several drugs, including statins and diuretics, have the potential to cause extremely dry skin as a side effect.
  • Nutrients are necessary for healthy skin. Excessively dry skin can occur if you do not receive enough vitamin D, A, niacin, zinc, or iron.
  • Cigarettes include dangerous compounds that hasten the aging process of your skin, making it drier.

Treatment for Dry Skin

  • You must safeguard your hands from abrasive home cleaners and dish detergents, which can irritate the skin. Therefore, to avoid contact with them, wear hand gloves.
  • Make sure to take shower and apply a moisturiser as soon as you come out of the pool.
  • Coconut oil helps to your skin moisturized and protected since it contains essential fatty acids (EFAs). You can even apply it to your skin as a moisturiser.
  • Your hands can get very dry while using alcohol-based hand sanitizers. On the label, look for moisturising products that state “dermatologist-recommended.”

You may get long-lasting adverse effects if your dry skin gets worse. Most of the time, your skin may itch.A severe skin illness is also more likely to affect you. Therefore, make sure to treat it at the earliest.