April 21, 2024

If you are experiencing an eye problem, your initial search for an eye doctor in Singapore may yield mixed results. Instead of visiting a general eye practitioner, you should seek help from an eye specialist to treat and resolve your vision loss las vegas nv.

Below are the types of eye doctors and what they can do to help.

1. Optometrist

The main job of this eye specialist in Singapore is to provide primary vision care, which includes testing, correcting, and diagnosing eye problems. When you consult with one, expect them to perform an eye exam buda tx and vision test.

2. Optician

This eye doctor is often called an eye technician since they are trained to design corrective eyewear eyeglasses and contact lenses.

3. Ophthalmologist

Whether you have age related macular degeneration or other eye conditions in Singapore, this eye specialist can treat them all. They can also do eye surgery if your eye condition has been deemed medically necessary.

4. Cornea Specialist

If you think you have Fuchs’ dystrophy and keratoconus, you should go to this eye specialist since they can treat this kind of eye condition. They will guarantee the cornea has enough protective layers to protect it from any light passing through your eyeballs.

5. Retina Specialist

Go to this eye doctor if you notice your eyes have a gel-like substance on their retina surface. Expect that there will be possible surgical treatment involved depending on your eye condition.

6. Glaucoma Specialist

If there are halos around lights in your vision, chances are you have Glaucoma. It is an eye condition that can cause pain. If not treated, it will lead to loss of vision.

Now that you know your options, you can get treatment from the right eye specialist at an eye clinic in Singapore! Schedule an appointment today with Nova Eye Centre and get your eyes treated.

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