May 24, 2024

4 Ways To Get Ready When Visiting An ENT Doctor For Thyroid Lumps

Do you have a hard time swallowing food, and you feel like there is a lump around your neck? If so, you should know that these are some signs of thyroid lumps, also known as thyroid nodules. The bigger the thyroid lumps are, the more difficult it will be to breathe. You can also notice that your voice becomes hoarse and develops neck pain.

The only way to prevent that is to see an ENT doctor in Singapore and let them check your suspected thyroid lumps. To help you get ready for your upcoming appointment, read the following.

1. For Clothes, Leave Your Neck Open

A turtle neck top or any outfit that covers the neck area is not ideal for a thyroid lumps assessment visit. After all, your ENT doctor cannot access your neck since there is a fabric that gets in their way.

In that case, wear something loose and leave your neck open so it will be easier to see the suspected thyroid lumps

2. Verify Your Coverage For Thyroid Lumps

Besides the attire you will wear on the day of your appointment, you should also contact your health insurance provider to know your coverage. During your call, ask them about what they will cover when you undergo thyroid lumps assessment and treatment in Singapore.

Verifying your coverage with the health insurance provider will allow you to know how much they will shoulder or which procedure you will pay for with your savings.

3. Anticipate To Undergo Several Tests

In Singapore, thyroid surgery is the last option that doctors often recommend when conservative treatment does not work. Besides general inspection, an ENT doctor will ask you to get a throat ultrasound. Doing so should help them get a closer look at thyroid lumps and know where exactly they are.

Expect that your ENT doctor will reach out to you once they receive your test results and figure out what is the ideal treatment for your condition.

4. Take Notes Your ENT Doctor’s Order

After the tests, an ENT doctor will give you a list of foods to eat and avoid. Following the instructions will help keep the thyroid lumps from growing bigger and more painful.

To learn more about thyroid lumps, you better consult with an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore soon. Contact Dr Gan Eng Cern at +(65) 6253 7296 (Landline)/+(65) 9058 2480 (WhatsApp) or leave a message on their website to get your inquiries answered.